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April 18th 2014
April 18th 2014

"Do you think maybe Iza-chan was really in love with Shizu-chan? Or maybe not?"

That was an unusual thing for her to say. Kyohei turned his head to look behind him, only seeing the very side of Erika’s shoulder, “What’s got you thinking about that?”

"I don’t know," she mused, tucking her feet up beside her on the back cushion, "Now that Iza-chan’s gone, I wonder who he really was."

Her words brought a frown to his face; he tilted his head back to its original position, crossing his arms more tightly over his chest, “You should stop talking about him if it bothers you so much.” Though he did not know why — it wasn’t like Erika knew the informant, did she?

"It doesn’t bother me…" she leaned her head against the window, rubbing her shoulder into the body of the door.

Maybe it did bother her. Just a little.

April 17th 2014



█:{ ☢ } –⊱”Not— gonna be another..because you damn stole it.”

"I think that’s a little harsh… maybe someday you’ll forgive me and we can go into business together!"

April 17th 2014



No. He wasn’t going to do that either. “I’m not a fan though…” Or an air conditioner. Or any device used for the cooling down of humanity. “I don’t think blowing on you would even have any effect. You’d still be just as warm as you were before…” She probably wouldn’t appreciate the fact she would probably get spit on her as well. “Why don’t you purchase one of those personal fans?”

"Are you really into that kind of thing?" She didn’t mind a person blowing on her but she wasn’t sure if she’d purchase one specifically for that purpose.

Besides, weren’t there laws to protect people from that form of labor?

"You’re a lot different than I thought you were. I could probably recommend some really great shows that’ll be perfect for your taste!"

April 17th 2014
"I almost stabbed you earlier! You're lucky to be alive."


"OH MAN! Thanks for sparing me! But I think it would have been super nice if maybe you didn’t try to stab me at all!"

April 17th 2014

[ There Goes the Neighborhood ]


It was clear that the band of dimwits didn’t encounter people that stood their ground very often. The one holding his gun up at Erika threateningly seemed a little confused by her carefree rejoinder. Almost like she wasn’t standing right there, staring down the barrel of a deadly weapon, like one tiny mistake wasn’t the difference between her walking out of here unscathed, or being thrown away like last week’s dinner.

Shizuo didn’t waver, either. His glare was so heated that it’d have burned a hole through that goddamn camera lens – and that dirtbag behind it – if at all possible. Fortunately for them, though, Shizuo’s superpowers didn’t include laser vision or even the ability to breathe fire.

Regardless, Shizuo was going to kill these people before it was all said and done. Not only had they tried to attack him and an arguably innocent woman, they’d kidnapped his brother and were likely using him for some sick, twisted porn flick.

They couldn’t have been from around here though if they didn’t know who he was. It would be their undoing. They’d come to realize just why those rumors about steering clear of the menace in bartending uniforms were practically gospel around here.

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The reactive smile on Karisawa’s face was borderline lunatic. “My…” her voice shuddered, “My mom and dad?” her eye twitched, followed by the entire left side of her face. She was somewhere between laughter and anger; torn between the irony and the ignorance of these people.

What a horrible thing to say to someone like Karisawa Erika.

"You’re so CONVINCING!" she shrieked, shaking her shoulders back and forth like a peacock preparing to show off its feathers. She leaned into the man that grabbed her, letting the side of her head touch casually at the bicep of his arm, "You’ve done it! You’ve convinced me, I’m totally gonna do it! And it’s gonna be great, and I bet my mom and dad will really be proud of me!”

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April 17th 2014
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<✉  Izzy-Yaya  [edit]

{Any idea what to do with 10 000 pens?)

Rika-chan[msg 1 of 2]

— WAH! You came to the right person! You can tie them together and make them jog around, you can rub them and see which ones finish first. Like a race! You’ll never need to masturbate again and you’re guaranteed a fresh pick for life!

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 !!!… Pens! 

April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014

"I should keep a DIARY! A diary of all my friends!"

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// One of the things I’ve never done for Erika is a relationships page. I am sort of hesitant to start now because wow I have interacted with so many people… do people even read those things… if you wanna be on the page lemme know and I will maybe do it! 

I’m really just lazy that’s all.